Our new vacuum is INSANELY awesome!!!!!

August 28, 2008

E. Broderick Photography

Hmm…looks like a robot! I LOVE cool, new appliances.

oooooOOOOhH!!!! Very nice! Do you want me to come over and vacuum your house? “Hey darlin?… Amanda say’s the dyson’s worth it’s weight in gold… do you think we can get one? It would sure beat the little shop vac we have!” Congrats!!

oh lord!! Puh-leeze don’t let Justin see this because then he will be begging me for one FOR SURE!! He is obsessed with Dyson. I think it’s the little rolly ball thingy!


Orchard Cove Photography

It was pretty crazy the amount of hair it pulled off of our carpet in a few sweeps….it just goes to show that a good vacuum is worth it’s weight in gold….especially when there is a pooch around 🙂

sometimes all it takes me as well – to make me happy – is a new appliance.

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