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March 19, 2009

Apologies for being absent on the blog…life has been happy but full! I’m down at my Dad’s house in Pennsylvania this week for a few days and will be heading back to Conneticut on Friday.

On Monday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Robert Norman for his PHODcast (CHECK IT OUT HERE) – very fun. Unfortunately as I pulled into his driveway my car was smoking and coolant was leaking out from the engine…not so great. I thought it was the end of the Volvo but thankfully it was just a hose and $200 and 2 hours later I was back on the road πŸ™‚

I spent Monday night in Brooklyn visiting my Brother and then had a fun baby shoot on Tuesday morning. After that Strider and I got back in the car and drove south…thankfully with no car troubles!

The past two weekends we’ve had great relaxing weekends at the lake.

A few more dog photos for those who aren’t all dogged out πŸ™‚

My poocher πŸ™‚

Our 80 pound lap dog on my Husband’s lap πŸ™‚

Skip-bo with Giles, Cathy, and Jung (Cathy and I won both games – woot woot!!!)

Both of the last two weekends I’ve left my laptop and phone at home which has provided a really relaxing break from technology!

This past weekend our cousin Sarah visited with her ever familiar dogs Grit and Cole….Strider was quite excited πŸ™‚

The lake is still frozen but is definitely a bit mushy…it’s almost spring!

But not quite yet πŸ™‚

My cute Hubby πŸ™‚

And my cute doggie πŸ™‚ (in glory light)

Grit and Strider love wrestling πŸ™‚

And Cole decided that he LOVES Strider’s big ball….mostly because it squeaks πŸ™‚

I love this one of Cole.

Ben & Hedda gave us this toy and Strider loves it!

Coozan dogs!

I finally finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and it was so absorbing at the end….I would definitely recommend it!

Coming soon….Baby Noah!

Robin Dini Photography

first, congrats on the revival of the volvo…and being able to unplug from technology. you must have been in zen heaven up at the lake.

those doggies slay me. Come on…Strider the lap dog makes me laught outloud. Too freakin’ cute those guys are.

e. broderick photography

I can’t wait to hear the PHODcast! I just started it this morning but the plumber showed up and I had to stop. Doh! Love these shots of the canine crew. So cute.

Your dog and his buddies are just awesome! Never tire of seeing his handsome face in your posts πŸ™‚

Lap dog – LOVE it!

I just LOVE all the doggies hanging out together!!! I cant take it!

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