Peter & Gwen’s Deerfield Engagement Shoot

October 17, 2008

On Monday afternoon I traveled up to Old Deerfield, MA to photograph Gwen & Peter’s engagement session. They are getting married at the Mt. Holyoke chapel and having their reception at the Blue Heron in Sunderland. Gwen & Peter wanted to do an autumnal themed shoot so we started across the river at Clarkdale Fruit Farms.

Now we didn’t venture TOO far into the Orchard because there were a serious amount of bugs swarming around us but this was one of the only apples we found….so we went with it!

How cute are they?!

Did I mention the bugs? If you look closely around their heads you will see specks of white. Dust on my sensor? Nope. BUGS. Gwen & Peter were very good sports about it but we could all only take it for so long….so we headed back towards Old Deerfield.

Have I mentioned I love cornfields? Driving in I had noticed one but it was right on a busy road and I didn’t think that was very conducive to them being relaxed so when we passed an unharvested corn field I swerved off the road and parked πŸ™‚ Peter & Gwen trusted my crazy idea despite the field being a bit muddy!


I had driven around Old Deerfield before heading over to Clarkdale and spotted this wall when I was driving down Old Main Street…..super pretty πŸ™‚

The foliage was stunning!

Excuse us while we fly over to Provence for a quick shot in a lavender field. AHHHHH! I was so excited about this. It involved me standing on my car but the light was great and they were great and I wanted to make my happy noise….but resisted….sort of.

Hop scotch to the next location – an abandoned blue train behind a farm stand I used to go to all the time.

We finished at sunset at the top of Mt. Sugarloaf. Unfortunately Mel Gibson was shooting a movie so the usual viewing platform above the fence was closed. Darn you Mel Gibson!

Gwen & Peter – it was so fun to see you again!

E. Broderick Photography

Awesome series–so much variety! So many colors! The corn field and the wood wall are my favorites but there are so many great shots. Hello? No shots of Mel?

Awesome job, I really like the apple orchard, and cornfield shots!! πŸ™‚

nikki nicole photography

that lavendar field is sooo cooL!

and cornfields i also love them…. the shots in the cornfield were amazing!

FUN photos and all so color co ordinated- loved the music for the slide show too! Done good, girl! Done good!

the lavendar photo is my very fav!

hope you are on the up + up!


Oh and you nailed the one with that one last apple, love that shot!

What a fun day romping around the fall foliage! Great shots, great couple. Always love seeing your life in new england photos. The couple will love having these now and years later!

Hey Amanda, these are all beautiful!! I especially love the pumpkin shot!

Just love that one in the corn field!!

These photos came out beautifully, Amanda! Gwen and I had a terrific time. You have a real gift; we’re happy you’ll be doing our wedding next year!

Orchard Cove Photography

The lavender field is right outside of old Deerfield – I smiled big when I saw it!!!

oooh I love the one of them on the rocks!! ummm where is this lavender field?!?! I want to go smell it!
Love me some lavender!


Robin Dini Photography

OMG! The pumpkins, the one after it, and the lavendar fields. HOLY FREAKIN’ COW! THESE ARE AWESOME!!!

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