February 10, 2008

Last week on my way back from Vermont I stopped by Rosemont Labradors to play with the puppies and see Strider’s breeder Lisa. I challenge you to find something cuter than six week old yellow lab puppies….HEAVEN πŸ™‚

They all wanted to sniff me and climb up on my lap making it difficult to focus πŸ™‚

I smell my Brother…..

So I have sawdust on my nose… what?

I own you!


I’m done with this photo shoot

Time for a nap!

All the puppies in this litter are spoken for but if you are looking for a breeder I can’t recommend Lisa’s Rosemont Labs highly enough!

Happy Sunday πŸ™‚


you make me want to be a dog person soooo bad. I am never showing J & G this post or I will never hear the end of it!!



Puppies are so awesome!

Robin Dini Photography

soooooo cute! I want one!!!!

nikki nicole photography

ohhhhhh my gosh how cute i just kept saying awwww!

Krista Guenin Photography

ooooooo! SO cute!! I wish they stayed that little forever – I’d get three!

Oh my gosh I want one!

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