Puppy Cuteness Explosion!!

July 18, 2007

Last week Strider and I drove up to Hinsdale, NH to visit Lisa Borst at Rosemont Labradors where we got Strider last June. The puppies are six weeks old – the pinnacle of cuteness and fuzz. Apparently we were exhausting because most of the time they just collapsed on the grass in an depleted heap.

Lisa’s dogs are fabulous and mellow. They are always up for an adventure but aren’t super hyper like some labs can be – perfect for all occasions 🙂

While I snapped away Strider was re-united with his Mom, Grandmother, 2 sisters, and Brother – SO CUTE 🙂

You shoe is super tasty lady – I think I’ll just hang out here.

Chips – the pick of the litter!

Wanna play some baseball?

You guys are exhausting – I’m checking out of here (sleeping on their backs is a sign of a Rosemont lab!)

Tonight I’m headed to a PUG meeting in Danbury, crashing on Mary & Justin’s couch (THANK YOU) and then tomorrow I head down outside of NYC to be a bridesmaid in my college roommate’s wedding – very exciting. This is my first time being a bridesmaid and the first of three weddings in the next few weeks….hopefully I’ll come away with inspiration and lots of good ideas for our wedding planning. Not sure about the Internet status at the hotel (i.e. do I have to pay $15 a day or something ridiculous) so I may not post until the end of the weekend.


Thats the cutest thing ever—I can’t stand it!!!!!

There aren’t too many things in the world cuter than puppies!
And speaking of puppies…we are getting one at the end of August. A baby boy, white standard poodle. We can’t wait!!
We’re in the process of picking names. Any ideas?
xo daria

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