Recent happenings….

May 24, 2007

Two weekends ago I was in Eastern Massachusetts photographing a school’s reunion. I stayed with my cousin and took this late Saturday night while Grit was snoogling with his Mom. Grit has perhaps the largest head of any Labrador I know. This guy doesn’t realize he isn’t a big baby and loves to hurl his eighty pound body at you and cuddle up. Luckily he is a big well trained schmoosh so he doesn’t do too much damage!! Strider wouldn’t stop sniffing me when I got home – he knew I had been spending time with his favorite Coozan doggie!

I forgot to blog about a great show I saw last week – Jersey Boys – great music and all songs you can sing along to….I couldn’t help tap tapping my feet!

Then this past weekend Strider’s pal Brody came for three nights. They are bestest buds and have fun wrestling and being vicious with one another (as you can see from this photo).

That’s it for now – I’m off to bed!

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