Recipe :: Corn Muffins

June 17, 2015

(Another breakfast morning (clearly an old picture with SNOW outside!) pre corn muffins. We try to keep the dogs away while she is eating and for the most part they are very good but occasionally we bend the rules a bit!!)

Recently I’ve been trying to expand our breakfast repertoire to make things a little more interesting (variety in the spice of life after all). In that vein I’ve been on the lookout for breakfast recipes – muffins, bars, energy, bites, etc. One of my first forays into morning baking were these corn muffins from Food 52. I found the recipe via a blog I think (oh the rabbit hole of the internet!) and also printed out a few others from her series “Cooking for Clara” which shares some of her daughter’s favorite recipes.

Food52 Corn Muffins

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