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August 26, 2013


When “Lean In” came out I vaguely registered the spirited debate happening around the book but since I read it didn’t pay too much attention. After reading it and enjoying it I did some googling to read about what all the fuss was about.

It seems that many of the critics say that a woman with Ms. Sandberg’s resources has a number of advantages that others don’t in terms of childcare, a flexible work schedule, and obviously finances. Many others argue that this book like many that come before it blames women instead of questioning the larger social structure that allows these inequalities to persist.

While both of those arguments could be true I still found the book enjoyable and inspiring – Ms. Sandberg certainly makes points with caveats that it won’t work for everyone but I thought her facts were fascinating (if not a little depressing) and her pep talk definitely inspired me.

I’d recommend this book for both the women and men in my life.

A few articles of interest

– This NPR piece

– This New York Times commentary by Jodi Kantor is especially interesting

– This Anne Marie Slaughter article which I had read before reading the book – definitely worth a read!!

– This commentary by Maureen Dowd

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