Recommended :: The Given Day

April 18, 2013


I recently finished “The Given Day” which was VERY long but really enjoyable. A friend’s friend had recommended it and it had been on my list for awhile. The characters are very engaging and the subject matter interesting – it centers around the fight to unionize Boston police officers after the 1st world war. I’d recommend it!

The Amazon synopsis reads: “Set in Boston at the end of the First World War, bestselling author Dennis Lehane’s extraordinary eighth novel unflinchingly captures the political and social unrest of a nation caught at the crossroads where past meets future. Filled with a cast of richly drawn, unforgettable characters, The Given Day tells the story of two families—one black, one white—swept up in a maelstrom of revolutionaries and anarchists, immigrants and ward bosses, Brahmins and ordinary citizens, all engaged in a battle for survival and power. Coursing through the pivotal events of a turbulent epoch, it explores the crippling violence and irrepressible exuberance of a country at war with, and in the thrall of, itself.”

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