Recommended :: The Great Gatsby

May 22, 2013


Last night our book club went to “The Great Gatsby” after reading the book this past month. I’ve talked to some people who loved the movie and others who hated it. Having just finished the book one thing that struck me was how closely they adhered to the storyline and even specific lines in the book lifting them word for word. Being a Baz Luhrmann film it was obviously totally over the top in terms of set design, costuming, etc. but for me it worked.
Jay Z was an executive producer and it was a bit strange to hear rap and hip hop music interspersed but again I liked it. The costumes and party scenes were SO well done and it felt like a visual feast for the eyes. There were a few scenes where they either shot it in HDR or on a green screen and things didn’t quite line up which was a bit distracting. Casting was well done – I had known who the main characters were but didn’t realize that Isla Fisher played Myrtle – loved her. Overall I found it to be a very enjoyable and entertaining movie!

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