Rehearsal Dinner Photos

February 14, 2017

I always love photographing rehearsal dinners because it lets me get to know who all the important players are and gets them familiar with me and my style – by the next day we’re old friends! When I arrived to photograph Cory & Molly’s rehearsal dinner the sky was almost black and a huge huge storm was blowing in. They made it through the rehearsal but about 5 minutes later the skies opened up, and rain and wind began to blow through the tent soaking everything.

Led by Cory, everyone lent a hand to move tables away from the edges and try to right things that had been knocked over.

Thankfully everyone kept their cool as plans for the next day (the forecast was similarly dire) were discussed.

People tried to make the most of the rain!

And there was jubilation (and craft beer!) when it finally stopped raining

Love this quiet moment of Cory and his Grandma

Younger guests finally succumbed sometimes with a little help from Mom!

A toast of cosmos to celebrate the memory of Molly’s Mom

And wonderful toasts and roasts by the Dads

A scrapbook of family recipes was the hit of the evening

It was a very fun night!

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