Reid & Sarah – Cape Cod Wedding – Part 1

September 10, 2008

Sarah and I have been planning our weddings pretty much since the day we were born so it was a happy coincidence that we both ended up getting married in the same summer. Both of our weddings ended up being very us. Ours was very family oriented and very simple. Sarah’s was beachy, elegant, and quintessentially Cape like ☺ Unfortunately the beach part was called into question as Hurricane Hannah hurtled towards Dennis, MA on Saturday. I woke up to rain that morning and it was touch and go the whole day – at one point the sun even came out.

Before Sarah started designing children’s clothes she was an artist. The painting behind her is one she did.

When we were in high school Sarah always ended up doing everyone’s hair for prom…and was always late for her date as a result. Here she is on her wedding day doing her Mom’s hair….some things never change! Thankfully she wasn’t late for this event ☺

Love all the action swirling around her

Noah wanted to wear Bob’s hat during the ceremony and it perfectly complemented his outfit

Sarah did her own hair…inspired by Gwyneth ☺

And sported a tank top from the Victoria’s Secret line

3:40 – Sarah on the phone with her future Father in Law trying to call whether the ceremony was to be outside on the beach or inside the church. Her Father in Law had been watching the radar all day and thought there might be just enough time between rain clouds to do the ceremony outside. The ceremony starts at 4:30….the decision was put off for a few more minutes

A sixpence in your shoe…or your dress ☺ This one has been passed around since 1974 to friends and family. There is a journal to go along with it with two pages dedicated to each wedding story – SUCH an amazing tradition.

Sarah dons her beautiful Vera Wang gown

Love this one.

Applying a last coat of lipstick

We’re going for the beach!

Wait – it’s raining again? TO THE CHURCH.

Yep – Hurricane Hannah is on it’s way

Dashing into the church ☺

Robin Dini Photography

i love that eyelash shot too 🙂

ohana photographers-david and kimi

love love love them!! the last one is my fav!

These are some awesome bridal shots – love the b&w, btw, creates a nice mood. I think my favorite is #11 – such a nice moment.

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