September 5, 2011

(A pretty picture to go along with some rotten news)
Last week Jeff came home from visiting me in Vermont to found out our house had been broken into…..for the second time in two years. Thankfully none of us were home at the time (including the dogs) and all my gear, computer, and hard drives were with me in Vermont. This post is not meant to inspire a bunch of concerned emails – we’re fine and it’s only stuff…we’ll get over it.

Rather I would encourage all of you to be smarter about where and how you hide your valuables…specifically your jewelry. I won’t tell you my new hiding place, but rest assured it is much more clever than the top drawer under some pantyhose.
Secondly once you’ve found a new place, before you hide it away I’d encourage you to photograph all your jewelry to make figuring out what was taken much easier – a verbal description is much less helpful than a photo that the police can distribute to pawn shops.
And better yet – in the future when you purchase a new piece of jewelry attach the receipt to the back of the photo so you can prove to insurance the value of what was lost.
We learned our lesson and hopefully it will never happen again.
Two bits of comic relief to lighten up a very depressing blogpost:
1) The first time we were broken into (June ’09) I came home (very scary) to find a teenager enjoying some adult entertainment on my very large computer. He didn’t take anything – he just broke in to watch porn on my 24 inch computer. Oy.
2) This time besides my jewelry the robber took:
– A ceramic container in the shape of an L.L. Bean Tote Bag filled with change
– Three large bags of candy leftover from my friend Alanna’s photo shoot. It was pink.
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