November 7, 2007

I am back up in Vermont now and going wedding dress shopping with my fabulous fashion forward designer friend Sarah and also my dear friend (and officiant!!) Wendy tomorrow. Then on Thursday I will have my first meeting with our florist who hopefully will whip me into shape and give me some great ideas about colors, themes, and tying it all together. I’ll be checking email and have my cell phone with me.

Sadly it was a grey grey day when I went to visit Rowan. He is just shy of five months and is growing like a weed! We started the visit off with a little meal and then just hung out around his house – trying to make him laugh and smile.

He recently found his fingers and now enjoys sucking on them. He gets particularly lucky when he lands his thumb in his mouth but more often it is part of his fist

This beautiful sweater was hand knit by a cousin.

Wow – that’s a cool toy!

I love my Mom – she makes me laugh.

Ok ok enough with the photos – it’s time for my nap

One last smile before I go to sleep!

Can’t wait to visit again soon!



Those are great!!
Favorite pic is the one of him laughing! I love “gummy grins”:)

I love his sweater. too… how adorable.

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