Sailboat Cross Stitch – TRIUMPHANT!!!!

April 10, 2013

Those of you who have been reading along for awhile will appreciate this post – I FINALLY finished the sailboat counted cross stitch that I’ve been working on for years. This has been QUITE a project.

I got the chart created from a photograph in 2004. I maybe did a square or two but got turned off by the incredible complexity of the project. I doubled down in 2011 determined to finish it. I changed my strategy and gridded off each square of 100 stitches (10×10) so I could follow along with the pattern. Friends along the way have volunteered to throw it out for me just so I didn’t have to finish it but I was determined.

I blogged about the project in 2011 and honestly seeing how little I had done makes me queasy but I kept at it.

A year ago I “finished” it on my birthday – I thought – “ahhhh – what a gift.” But the truth was that the original chart had cut Jeff’s boat off (the one in the lead)… inconvenient. I hemmed and hawed and realized that if I got it framed as (was) it would forever annoy me. If I had gotten this close darn it I was going to do it right!


So I dug into my NEGATIVES and got another print made. I wrote to the company and explained the issue and they kindly added to the chart at no extra charge. It arrived last fall and has sat. And sat. And sat. Finally a few weeks ago we were packing up for a trip out to Idaho to ski with Jeff’s parents and I brought it along. Once I started I couldn’t stop – there really wasn’t that much left to do especially since there wasn’t much plastic left. I finished and the angels are singing – HOORAY.

Almost done




A detail shot that sort of conveys the intricacy.


If you look closely you can see the line of the new part but guess what – it’s done and done is beautiful.

Note to self – NEVER have another picture turned into a cross stitch chart.

The end!!

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