Sam & Emily’s Middlebury Engagement Photos

June 4, 2010

I met up with Sam & Emily on Memorial Day in Middlebury, VT – the perfect day because there was NO ONE around! Sam and I went to high school together so it was so fun to catch up and get to know Emily and their beautiful Bully Bondi. The day before Emily completed the Burlington marathon (and was under her goal time!) but despite being a bit sore she was a great sport about moving around and exploring fun (not always easy to reach!) places.
We started around the Marble Works and found this cool door right off the bat!
Bondi was very patient during the shoot in waiting for his turn to be in front of the lens πŸ™‚
LOVE these πŸ™‚
Sam & Emily know how to rock the prom pose πŸ™‚
A little friendly high school (Red for Taft and Green for Deerfield!) rivalry πŸ™‚
A big smiling guy πŸ™‚
Emily did a quick outfit change behind a tree and we continued on!
I’m sorry we weren’t able to find you a horse Sam πŸ˜‰
Beautiful buttery light + birch tree = πŸ™‚
My favorites.
After exploring campus we decided to head out on a mystery tour in hopes of finding a beautiful field to complement the glory light. Emily has allergies but despite this she was totally game when we drove into a field and broke in my new Subaru πŸ™‚
Love these two right as the sun was setting
An impressively low dip I thought….please repeat at wedding πŸ™‚
Popping up like groundhogs πŸ™‚
We’re in Vermont – of course we had to find cows! And a red barn too!
A quiet moment during the last little bit of glory light.
We finally spotted the weeping willow we had been seeking!

Emily & Sam are getting married in Manchester, VT in August – can’t wait to catch up with the rest of the crew and see you both again πŸ™‚


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