Silly Pictures for a Friday Afternoon

January 23, 2009

I thought I’d post these goofy photos of Strider on this afternoon when he isn’t feeling so good πŸ™

This morning he was sedated to have his ears fully cleaned out. For the past few months he’s had a major problem with having yeasty gunk in his ears. We’ve tried many different kinds of ointments, pills, cleaners, and home remedies but nothing seems to work for very long so after getting a 2nd opinion we decided to get him fully cleaned out so we can start at 0. Tonight he will begin a food that’s supposed to be allergen free. Of course we don’t know exactly what is causing the problem which is PART of the problem!

If anyone has any advice or good tips we are willing to try anything to make our little man feel better….I’m leaving to pick him up in a few minutes πŸ™

One thing Strider does love is peanut butter. We usually put it in Kongs but every once in awhile he hits the jackpot and gets to lick the just finished jar of peanut butter. His tongue can just about reach the bottom but there is always just a little circle in the middle that he can’t quite get….it drives him crazy. Usually he gets some on his nose that he also can’t quite reach so it’s funny to watch him try to lick it off πŸ™‚

I know I’m saving some for later but can I have more please?


I stick my tongue out in your general direction!

Have a great weekend!

E. Broderick Photography

How’s the Big Boy do? Poor Strider. I have no words of wisdom for you but hope he gets well and improves in the long run…

Well, you know what my first answer is going to be. =) RAW. Hee hee!

But I know it’s not for everyone.

My poor baby Strider.

I do want to pass on along an email I got from a friend of mine who links to your blog from mine and is madly in love with Strider… =)

Well, I saw Amanda’s post about Strider, and wanted to tell her about Burrow’s ear drops…

Princess used to have the most disgusting ears in the world, even on grain-free food. We had to clean her ears every other day and they were always horribly dirty. Now I put 5 drops of Burrow’s in each ear, once a week, and I can’t remember the last time I had to clean them for her. It’s made an amazing difference, truly.

I hope SOMETHING works for the sweet guy. I LOVE peanut butter torture photos. =) But Mary’s right… probably have to give it up.

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Poor Stryder πŸ™

Orchard Cove Photography

Thanks again to everyone for your comments. Strider is feeling better this morning and we’re starting some antibiotics so hopefully that will help it to go away for good!

One of our old German Sheherds had the same thing. It was frustrating for him, shaking his head, rubbing it on the ground, etc… Definitely use the cotton balls like Mary said, much much better. I never found the squirting to work, b/c they shake their head after you squirt it in and you never know how much is in there, not in there, etc…

I used to buy the Drs. Foster and Smith Ear Clens Pads, which were ok. There is only so much they can take before they start groaning at you to stop.

I had no idea about the peanuts being an allergen for the dogs. I only give Lady the all natural, and unsalted, but haven’t had any problems with it… altough she isn’t prove to the allergies.

Good luck. Hopefully the cleaning really helped! Poor guy!

This would really suck for strider b/c he loves the water so much but his ear problems could be b/c of his love of the water and then the ears not drying enough. My dog has gotten ear infections from getting a bath and even though I thought he was all dired off there was still a tiny bit of moisture in his ears. My vet said with ears that flop over if the ear is not completely dried out you have a breeding ground for infections.

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You rock! Thanks for the advice. We actually haven’t been giving him too much PB lately but from now on it’s out! And #2 is great – the vet recommended to us that we squirt it in but we’ll do this instead! And once we get through this huge bag o’ food if his ears haven’t cleared up we’ll try yours. Have a great weekend!


Hey friend!

So Cooper has the same exact problem and here are some things we've found (in case any one else out there is also having this problem):

1. As painful as it's going to be for Strider (believe me it was for Cooper cause it's his most favorite thing), he may have to give up peanut butter. Peanuts are a major allergen for doggies and when we stopped that Coop's ears cleared up in a major way.

2. When you clean the ears make sure you are putting the cleaning solution on a cotton ball and then putting it in the ears, rather than just squirting it in like our vet showed us. You can never get all the cleaning fluid out and that is a breeding ground for the yeast.

3. Try this food: Nature's Recipe Lamb & Rice. When we switched to this ALL of coop's allergies went away including the nasty hot spots.

Let me know how it goes!

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