Sleepy Hollow Inn Wedding :: Tyler & Cate

December 11, 2015


Tyler and Cate were married on October 10th, with a ceremony and reception at Sleepy Hollow Inn in Huntington, VT.

I love Cate and Tyler’s engagement story! Right before Easter, Tyler concocted a story for Cate that the Harringtons in Richmond was out of hams, so they had to go get one in Shelburne. While they were there, he suggested a nice walk on Shelburne Farms, even though the day was snowy and cold. But he stuck with his plans and drove them right to the Inn, where Cate saw only one other person there—a man in the bushes taking photos (a little suspicious, right?).

They continued down to the gardens, where Tyler pulled out the ring! Cate was so excited that she wanted to share the news with her family, but no one was picking up their phones. Cate thought it was strange but Tyler announced they had plans for dinner and that they could catch up with their families after the meal. They headed to The Kitchen Table (one of their favorite restaurants) to celebrate, and there they met Tyler and Cate’s entire families—waiting at their table to celebrate with them!

On the day of the wedding, I started out with the boys, who kindly got dressed a little early so that I could photograph them before I went to join the girls. (The boys needed a little instruction putting on the ties, but all had success by the end and Tyler was a good teacher!)


I headed upstairs, where Cate and few friends and family were getting ready. Cate and her mom shared a toast before she finished getting dressed in her gown from BHLDN.

Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-0004 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0007

Next, we headed outside for an amazing first look in the midst of the beautiful fall background! I love doing all the formal photos beforehand so that everyone is less stressed.

Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0010 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0011 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0013 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0014 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0016

The beautiful flowers were from Village Green Florist.

Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0019 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0020 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0024

It was clear throughout the day that Cate and Tyler wanted their friends and family to be a huge part of this wedding. Their close friend officiated the ceremony, and then Tyler’s grandmother spoke about love and marriage.

Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0031 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0034 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0037 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0038 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0039

Like a true gentleman, Tyler kissed Cate’s hands after placing the ring on her finger.


And then this happened….. To be fair, his shoes were slick, and to his credit, he didn’t drop his bride—but the crowd reaction was hysterical. Plus, it didn’t seem to faze Cate one bit! I was glad I was able to capture the whole thing.

Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0043 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0048 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0049 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0052 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0053 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0054

There were so many details that I loved in this wedding. Their friend had designed the invitation, and I LOVE how it was made so that each individual piece made up a scene! Catering was done by Nomadic Chef, and the cake was from Snaffle Sweets. Steve from Peak Entertainment kept everyone up and moving!

Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0055 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0057

At the reception, Cate’s dad was joking about how long it took Tyler to propose—I love the expressions!!!

Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0059 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0063 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0065 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0066 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0070 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0071 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0074 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0075 Sleepy-Hollow-Wedding-0077

Cate & Tyler, thank you for allowing me to be part of your amazing day! I had so much fun with you both. Good luck—and I hope to see you around town!

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