Softball Game

September 4, 2007

Well sadly even my undivided attention didn’t help James Blake through to the next round of the US Open

I figured I’ve had way too many entries lately without photos so without further adieu back to the visuals πŸ™‚

Yesterday everyone got together for a friendly game of softball. Of course my focus was the four legged and younger two legged observers/participants on the sidelines.

“Mr. Big”

Up at bat. This little guy was very disappointed when the inning ended RIGHT before his turn (life is unfair) but he was cheered considerably when we told him he got to lead off the next inning.

Killer shades, dude.

Watching the action.

This guy has grown up so much in the last few years and is so gregarious – always joking around. His Mom calls him “sassy” – perhaps a better word πŸ™‚

“Red” didn’t like my camera at first so I had to bribe him with petting and then quickly take my hand away to get the shot πŸ™‚

Beautiful brown eyed girl

I’m just not ready to accept it’s the official end of summer yet…sorry!


Great shots!

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