Spinning Spinning Round and Round

March 27, 2008

I just finished up my first spinning class (my first one was in college…this was my second one). My friend Paige is the instructor and because there are extra bikes I get to go for free so there is really absolutely no excuse for me not to go. So until the end of May hopefully I’ll be spinning three times a week πŸ™‚

In other news Jeff and I are having our anniversary (six years) dinner. I guess after this year we’ll probably start over at one and our anniversary will be in July but it’s a good excuse to go out! Our actual anniversary was actually the 12th but poor Jeff was sick in bed so we ordered Pay Per View and hung out at home. Tomorrow is also Jeff’s birthday so I guess it’s a combo deal πŸ™‚ Tonight we are dining in style – at Max’s Downtown in Hartford…..YUM. Right when Jeff and I started dating we went there with his parents to celebrate his Brother’s graduation but I haven’t been there since. We got a gift card for Christmas so that should soften the blow but I am so pumped to eat really amazing food…and save room for dessert πŸ™‚

Jeff and I are also trying to get our registries in order this week as very organized people (if I wasn’t the bride I’d be one of them!) have started to ask where we’re registered. Back in January we registered at Crate and Barrel but now we’re putting together an additional one through “My Registry” which allows you to register for items from multiple stores. Of course they don’t have ALL the stores we’d love to register with, so we’re getting creative.

The other thing is we have a lot of the household/kitchen items that people usually register for. So…..anyone have any ideas? We have a few but are very open to suggestions and creative ideas.

Off to pretty up and then we’re off to dinner!

Orchard Cove Photography

Amazing! Thank you for the tip….I’ve just added a few items from stores that aren’t there and voila….it works!

ps- you can register with ANY store through MyRegistry…not just the ones on their list. Just go to the site you want stuff from and click that “add to myregistry button” on your tool bar

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