Spring is Springing….again :)

April 1, 2008

This is one of my favorite times of year. Actually I love pretty much all the seasons, but there is something about spring when the buds are bursting and after a long gray winter the colors come back and the sun starts shining! And what better place to observe spring than in my Dad’s garden where each day something new pops up.

Strider loves sticking his nose up in the air and taking a big whiff of whatever is coming his way 🙂

Forsythia in my Dad’s garden. Unfortunately the cherry blossoms are holding out on me – my Dad has three huge trees in the back of his garden that are just stunning when they’re in bloom…one day my timing will be right!

Some tulips starting in the potting shed and crocus’ peeking out of the ground

Jeff and Annie wait outside the veggie garden

Getting Strider very excited runs in the male side of my family. Here Strider and Jon engage in the standoff – soon Strider will jump on Jon and then run around him in circles doing the doggie 500

Doggie 500!

All tired out and looking innocent (as I write this Strider is sleeping under the table – reminiscent of an earlier visit HERE)

Training the clematis to go up the tree!

Hope everyone is enjoying some warmer weather and having a good week!


Holy cow… Strider is too cute!!! Love that you captured his enthusiastic routine! Gotta love labs!

I remember when I learned how to pronounce forsythia

miss you & strider!

Love early spring flowers! To get a good idea of the cherry blossom season the brooklyn botanic garden does a cherry blossom watch. First week of May is usually peak season, NE is a little later, depending on how far north, but that will give you a guidline! It took me years to get the hang of spring flower schedule and as you drive around the northeast it’s a little different due to elevation and lattitude.

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