Sunday Brain Dump

February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!

I hope everyone had a relaxing love filled day yesterday. Jeff and I were going to go to the lake but we decided to just stay put and really chill out and it was GREAT!

Yesterday morning Jeff helped me hang two canvases at Day Hill Kennels in Windsor. Back when I started I was so psyched to do dog photography but it just sort of got put by the wayside as my portrait and wedding businesses grew. One of my goals this winter was to introduce myself to some local businesses and see if I could hang work so I’ve gotten to know Tyler @ Day Hill and I’m in the process of working with another local business owner. It’s pretty fun and the next time I stop by Day Hill I’ll bring my camera and share a picture of the two canvases!

Yesterday I also stopped by the local knitting shop and learned how to switch colors!!!! It turns out it’s super easy but now that I’ve gotten better at knitting I was psyched to learn how. I haven’t quite finished my first two color hat but when I do I’ll take a picture. Trust me….it doesn’t look like a mitten πŸ™‚

Actually I’ve been a bit of a knitting fiend lately – if you count the mitten/hat I’ve almost made five hats! Tomorrow I am SOOOOO excited – I’m taking a “Knitting in the Round” class at the awesome store Creative Fibers. Laura and the whole crew there are such a nice bunch and have been so patient in answering some of my very silly questions (like the day I went in because I had forgotten how to cast on!!). The hats that I’ve made so far I’ve had to sew together at the end which isn’t hard but is just sort of tedious. When you “knit in the round” it means that the whole hat is one piece so there is no finishing (that I know of) at the end. It’s sort of like back when I was quilting a lot – I loved piecing together the top but then once that was done I had to really motivate myself to finish the quilt by attaching the batting and binding…..I like the colorful work!

Late last week my boudoir sessions were featured by the fabulous Candice from Jubilee Events on the Connecticut Weddings Blog.

I’m still in the process of trasitioning to my new proofing system but I made great strides over the weekend in uploading old events and also backing them up to my new off-site back-up solution. A bit tedious but I’m hoping to roll it out sometime this week to my clients… will be nice to get it done!

Netflix has been keeping me company while I’ve been knitting and last night after a yummy dinner (recipe coming tomorrow) Jeff and I plugged my laptop into the TV and watched a movie through Netflix instantly! They have about 12,000 movies that stream over the Internet and the quality was just great! A very cool alternative to waiting for the mailman to come. We watched “The Constant Gardener” – great thriller, beautiful scenery, and very nice music….I’d recommend it.

We’ve also watched a few episodes of “The Wire” – great show….too bad it got canceled! Thanks again to all the people who recommended movies – I’ve added them to my queue!

So this week many photographers are in Las Vegas for WPPI – The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference and Tradeshow. I’ve been the last two years but decided to take a skip this year and instead in April I’ll be traveling to Atlanta for The Learnfest Workshop. This workshop is led by four fabulous women business owners from all over the country and I am SOOO thrilled that I got in (it sold out in four hours!)

If the truth be told I was literally out to lunch at noon the day that registration opened so I tried to communicate the importance of signing up RIGHT at noon to my dear Husband Jeff….who came through πŸ™‚

Alright….this episode of the brain dump is drawing to a close – I’m going to go make some chocolate chip cookies (except I make mine without the chocolate chips!) to go with our roast chicken and mashed potatoes tonight….yum πŸ™‚

Enjoy the rest of the day!

Traci @ Tru Blu Photography

Sounds like you had a yummy v-day!! I can’t wait to try the sauce recipe . . I value your recommendations in recipes, they always turn out so yummy! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great things going on right now. Hey, I’ve got an ongoing gig going on with a pet store at Evergreen walk in S. windsor. . If your interested, I would love your assistance with some upcoming doggie shoots. I’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚

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