Surprise Homecoming!

May 20, 2011

A quick feel good check in on this rainy Friday morning. When Eileen & I flew down to Florida for Talley & Zach’s wedding I sat next to the nicest soldier on the plane. He was home on leave and we spent the whole flight talking about his experiences, the war, everything – it was fascinating and also heartbreaking at times.

His wife was due to fly in the next day so he was meeting his Father in Law at the airport.

We stopped by the restroom after exiting the plane so he was a bit in front of us. Up ahead I heard a scream and saw this woman running and just knew. I looked at Eileen and she said “go” so I dropped everything and ripped open my camera bag – grabbing it as I ran forward.
I only got off a few shots but they still make my heart melt 🙂
Thank you to all of the people who risk their lives every day trying to keep us safe. It’s easy to forget that there are hundreds of thousands of people doing this on a daily basis but so so so important not to.
Have a good weekend!

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