Sylvie :: VT Baby Photographer

November 4, 2011

Still no power in Windsor (we’re hoping by Sunday night and then internet by Tuesday) so we continue to stay at the lake – thank goodness for the lake! I’m working this afternoon but am going to take the weekend off as hauling my 24 inch IMAC a few houses down is a bit of a pain!

My cousin Chris and his wife Leigh welcomed Sylvie in mid July and I stopped by in late August to meet her. She is a very happy mellow baby and Leigh & Chris are totally taken with her and parenthood.

Since I’m SO late blogging this I can imagine how much she’s changed (next time I’m up I’ll have to stop by again!)

My Aunt Deenie is no longer a Grandma wannabe 🙂

So sleepy!

Time to change!

A well fed and well loved baby 🙂

My favorite.

And Munchie joins us at the end!

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