Thanks, Sage.

May 12, 2010

This is what happens when I don’t update my blog enough – Sage makes me pay πŸ™‚
Yeah so these were my cute new summer flip flops that I scored at the J. Crew outlet a few weeks ago.
They were lovingly chewed by our almost seven month old puppy who has all of a sudden developed a taste for shoes.
She also chowed a bit on my Dansko clogs (I plan to color the exposed white part in with a Sharpie…I’m creative like that), my L.L. Bean slippers, a wee bit on my sneakers, and being all equal opportunity Jeff’s sneakers as well. Luckily none of the other victims were “killed” in the process – only slightly maimed.
But really – why did she all of a sudden decide it was ok to start chewing on things that were not her toys??
Any advice blog world?
Jeff and I think we need to find a nanny cam that allows you to yell at her remotely through a microphone to really scare her when she’s in process….of course when we walk in the door she’s abandoned the evidence so she can exuberantly greet us at the door.
Yeah – thanks.
Ok – I get it…I’ll update the blog more often.
More to come. No really – I mean it this time πŸ™‚
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