Thirteen the Musical!

March 24, 2011

A few weeks ago Jeff and I spent the weekend in Vermont so we could watch Aidan perform in Thirteen the Musical.

In an occurrence that makes me believe in fate I met Aidan and his family at the dry cleaners twelve years ago. My Mom ran in to pick up her dry cleaning and Aidan & his older Brother Jonas (then one and three) were strapped into their car seats. I started making goofy faces at them and they laughed. Their Mom Wendy asked if I babysat and the rest is history – they are like a second family to me and Wendy married Jeff and me almost three years ago and is now an accomplished wedding officiant!

This is a photo of Aidan from 2002 – the year I started dating Jeff. They were the CUTEST kids 🙂

And this is Aidan now – the star of Thirteen the Musical. I stopped by the dress rehearsal on Friday night to take some photos and then we attended the show on Saturday.

The production was entirely kid choreographed and directed – pretty impressive for a group of kids from different schools to come together so effectively.

Thirteen is a great show about what it’s like to be a teenager – funny and poignant songs and a very clever script.

An accidental kiss at the movie theater 🙂

This girl was awesome!!

And these two made a hilarious team

Casey was a close friend of Jonas and Aidan’s growing up – it was great to see them on stage together

Watching the performance on Saturday I got unexpectedly emotional and had tears rolling down my face….I couldn’t stop crying!

As I watched Aidan take his curtain calls I remembered him as a baby and me chasing him around while he was a toddler as he squealed with glee – it was such a long time ago but it feels like it’s been a flash. He and his Brother Jonas are so special to me and it was such an honor to be there for such an important event in his life.
Congratulations to the fabulous cast of Thirteen!
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