Time for a walk

April 8, 2009

I took this picture a few weeks ago and it’s been in my “to be blogged” folder….time to pull it out.

Usually Strider is quite a patient doggie but if he doesn’t get his walk by around noon this is what I see when I am sitting at my desk.

Mom. It’s time to go. Now.

The sad eyes and guilt totally work on me….and he knows it 🙂

(do you like our fabulous butterfly border? Some little girl must have lived in the room before it became our office!)

E. Broderick Photography

What a cutie. Every time you post Strider pics I want to run out a get a dog. =)

Sarah McCoy Photography

Too cute!

Robin Dini Photography

awwwwwww. Strider is the man! knows how to work the ladies!

The butterbly border is the first thing I noticed! (Mainly because I am a fan of purple :)) Love it though. Strider is so adorable! When did you become a WPJA member? Is that new?? 🙂

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