Time for Boot Camp!!

December 4, 2007

So I am in Boston this week for Liana Lehman’s Photo Biz Boot Camp. I first heard about this boot camp last spring and I knew when I read the synopsis that it would be invaluable for me to attend. It took me awhile to bite the bullet and sign up but after speaking with Liana at PartnerCon in Los Angeles I knew it would be a worthwhile investment.

Here I am on the first morning after putting many many hours in as preparation entering and updating all my numbers in Quickbooks and thinking long and hard about what I want from my business in the next year. It feels like great timing with the beginning of a new year right around the corner and I can’t wait to also learn from the other participants (limited to just 8 studios!). The wonderful Graziers are our hosts and I am also psyched to get to know them a little better as they are just awesome people.

The picture above is from this weekend at the lake – Strider did a lot of snoogling by the woodstove as I furiously prepared for BOOT CAMP!

Wish me luck 🙂


Good luck & have fun! I wish we could have joined you.. I know you’ll get a ton out of it. 🙂

Have fun, learn lots! I would love to take this class someday

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