Tree Clearing

May 20, 2013

We just finished a MARATHON weekend in the garden mulching, planting, and in general tidying up. With wedding season starting this coming weekend (!!) I know my long weekend days in the garden will be a bit more limited moving forward so we’re hoping our forward assault will deter the weeds at least a little bit!

But before I move onto the garden I wanted to share some photos of a very ongoing project in our woods. Two Septembers ago during Hurricane Irene a HUGE tree came down in our woods (this was before we bought the house) – apparently it was the largest tree in the neighborhood and it does make me curious about how it changed the canopy and the look of our woods. It’s been sitting there ever since so we’ve decided to slowly but surely chainsaw it into lengths, split it, and use it for firewood. The thing is though this tree is enormous and it could take us years. But no matter – we go out there every few weeks and do what we can!

These photos were taken back in late March on a warm-ish day
The doggies are very helpful


I took these a few weeks later just to try and show the size and scale of the tree. We will soon need to borrow a longer blade chainsaw to even be able to cut the tree into segments which we can then split
That’s one loooooong tree!



Not speedy work but so satisfying to see the woodpile building up and it will make our house cozy cozy next winter!
Have a good week everyone!

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