Trip to Ireland

March 9, 2017

After wedding season was over we headed to Ireland for a family vacation with my Dad & Annie and Uncle Jon. My Dad emigrated in the early 70s so I am half Irish. I hadn’t been back since 2000 and Jeff had never been so we were excited for the opportunity to travel. For the first week we rented my great Grandparents old house with the whole family and then Jeff, Norah and I struck out on our own to explore the south western coast for a few days. It was a really nice mix of catching up with family, seeing beautiful sights, and having fun adventures. Traveling with Norah at almost 3 was mostly easy as we’ve learned to just let go of routine and trust that it will come back upon our return. Most days we’d push her nap an hour or so past so we could have a late lunch and then do some (driving) site seeing in the car while she slept – it worked pretty well. It has been nice as she’s gotten older to know that the world won’t fall apart // she won’t be a total disaster if she skips a nap – now we’re back at square 1 with Julia! Enjoy the photos.

She requested Uncle Jon push her on the way into the airport

My Great Grandparent’s house (which hasn’t been in our family for decades) had the most magical gardens perfect for exploring and running around!

Carrying ALL the things!

My cousin’s boyfriend is an amazing fiddle player (nationally known in Ireland!) so one night we had a jam session in the living room. Norah was supposed to be in bed but heard the music so we let her come down (see above re. letting go of schedules) – she still talks about it!

Exploring the Rock of Cashel

An amazing abandoned church – Athassel Abby

And an abandoned castle overgrown and awash with blackberries and roaming cows – magical!

The crew!

Fota Wildlife Park was a total hit with Norah – a great destination for little kids!

She literally spent at least an hour playing pretend with the tea setup in our hotel!

Glorious scenery

One of my favorites from the trip….patiently waiting for lunch!

Car nap!

A frigid and windy run

Reunited with Bapa and Grannie for lunch!

The Cliffs of Moher – gorgeous

She waited the whole vacation to have this lollipop and was tickled when it was finally time!

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