Turkey Day Memories

December 2, 2007

Just downloaded some photos from Turkey Day (yes of course they are mostly of Strider!)

Strider got to play in the garden A LOT with my Dad – sniffing around, chewing on sticks and generally enjoying himself

My Popsicle – the mulch man πŸ™‚

A wee bit of color left in the garden

One night when we were watching TV we all of a sudden said “where’s Strider?” and then saw his nose sticking out from under this table – warm and den-like…what could beat it πŸ™‚

Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey day – can you believe it’s DECEMBER??!!!

We were in the Berkshires over the weekend and it was CHILLY – about 15 degrees but 0 with windchill – photos to come from there later. We spent most of the weekend curled up by the woodstove…my favorite!

Off to meet Strider’s friend Buzzy for a playdate!


these are soooooooo freakin’ cute, I miss Strider!

Can I please have your dog? He is so SWEET!

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