Vermont Outdoor Wedding :: Abe & Mary

August 19, 2015


Abe and Mary were married on August 1st in a private ceremony and reception at their family home.

These two grew up only about two miles away from each other and had so many chances to meet, but they somehow managed to miss each other until 2009 during their second year of teaching. Hilariously, they had both just graduated college and interviewed for the same job without meeting, and it was not until he was hired as for Kindergarten and she was working in the 6th grade at a different school that they finally crossed paths. The two schools were sharing some space, and that’s when, at last, Abe spotted her.

He brought a random book up to her classroom and said when he left, “I’ll just write my name in the book so you can remember to give it back to me.” She didn’t pick up on the subtle hint, but over time, they spent more time together as they discovered they shared pediatricians, favorite delis, and so on! The rest is history.

We started our day at Stratton with Mary and her ladies while the second shooter, Andi Walpurgis, met up with the guys at a different condo.

Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0001 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0002

Mary bought these beautiful robes for her bridesmaids, and I loved the coordinated look!


Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0005 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0006 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0007

The handsome groom, who I thought was a double for Jason Segel!


Mary has a super close relationship with her three brothers, and they clearly adore her. Here, Mary is seeing them for the first time, and her brother, Thomson, decided to lighten the mood as Mary was starting to tear up


We drove to Mary’s family’s home and took pictures down by the water for their first look. We then got some bridal party and family portraits, and right on schedule, the school bus showed up with all the guests, and Mary scurried inside!

Heading to the 1st look!


Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0010 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0011

I loved the back of Mary’s gown—so elegant!


A family ring added to her bridal look!


Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0015 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0016

I love how Mary and Abe recognized her grandparent’s longevity in marriage!


The procession walked down the hill from the tent, and once we were there, the ceremony was officiated by a close friend of the couple’s.


Mary’s mom put in so much work to make the property wedding-ready, and it was so great to see everything go off without a hitch!

Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0019 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0020 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0021 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0018 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0022

I love when both parents accompany their child down the aisle.



Can you imagine a more spectacular site for a wedding?


Abe hand-crafted the wooden box that they passed their rings around in—in fact, it was what he proposed with!

Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0027 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0028 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0029 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0030 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0031 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0032 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0033


This wedding guest had super jumping abilities!


Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0036 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0037 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0038 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0039 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0040 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0041 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0042 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0043

This was the moment when I told Abe he looked like Jason Segel, and Mary was thrilled.

Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0044 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0045

No need to kiss any more frogs, Mary!!


These cookies were delicious and beautiful to photograph—they were made by Mary’s mom.

Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0047 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0048 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0049

This little guy shared his birthday with Mary & Abe’s wedding but was NOT interested in taking a picture with the bride & groom!

Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0050 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0051

A family wedding cup to share a drink!

Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0052 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0053

Mary’s brother was a riot on the dance floor and was encouraged on by the band, who were awesome!

Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0054 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0055 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0056 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0057 Vermont-outdoor-wedding-Orchard-Cove-photography-WEB_0058

For the final dance, the band played “Hallelujah,” and their guests formed a circle around Mary & Abe to send them off into their married life—it is a moment I know they’ll never forget.



Thank you Abe & Mary for trusting me with this special moment in your lives. I loved every minute!


Caterer: Perfect Wife
Florist: Vermont Country Flowers
Band: Silver Arrow Band
Mary’s Dress: Watters via Lovely Bride
Hair: Lipstick & Lashes
Pies: Grandma Miller’s
Rentals: Rain or Shine


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