Vermont Visit

January 11, 2010

I’m so glad so many of you have been enjoying the puppy and dog pictures. At this time of year I purposely keep my shooting schedule very light so I have time to re-charge my batteries both creatively and physically so for the next month or two many of my postings will be of a more personal nature.

I am thrilled that this Friday I will be headed down to Florida (where it’s supposed to be 80!!) to photograph Brian & Ashley’s wedding. So stay tuned in another few weeks for that and in the meantime….more doggie pics πŸ™‚

Right after New Year’s the pups and I headed up to Vermont to celebrate a late Christmas and on-time birthday with my Mom.

The coozan dogs (Grit & Cole) overlapped for a day so of course we had a lot of fun romping with them! The snow was fresh when we headed over so Grit & Strider had fun zooming around in the powder!

Sage liked Grit much better this time!

At times Sage would practically disappear into the drifts but she seemed to love it

Snuggly coozan dogs

All together now!

Sarah enjoying some puppy time πŸ™‚

My vicious Kujo puppy dog who loves to make lots of noise growling as she plays

A dose of cuteness πŸ™‚

Grit lay on his back for about 20 minutes and let Sage chew on his face….she was zonked afterwards!

After our visit with Grit & Cole we went over to my Aunt Deenie’s house to visit the OTHER coozan dogs – 2 labs and 2 borders! Needless to say Sage was quite tired when it was all over!

Next up – our visit with Fia!

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