VT Natural Newborn Photos

January 25, 2016

It was fun to meet sweet baby Harlow and visit with this family. Their older son Reed is one of Norah’s best buddies at school and always the first person she mentions when we tell her that it is a school day “see Reed!” Reed in turn thought it was pretty funny that “Nowah’s Mom” was here to take photos. Congratulations and enjoy!
VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0001 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0002 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0005 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0008 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0009 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0010 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0011 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0012 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0014 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0015 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0016 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0017 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0019 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0020 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0021 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0022 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0024 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0025 VT-Natural-Newborn-Photos-0026

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