Wedding at Basin Harbor Club :: Alyson & Kevin

July 2, 2015


On June 13, Alyson & Kevin had their wedding at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, VT. They had both their ceremony and reception at this beautiful spot on the shores of Lake Champlain.

I love Alyson’s story of how Kevin asked her to marry him:
“[He] proposed on my 33rd – Larry Bird – birthday. After amping up the pressure half a decade later, he promised that a ring would be in my Thanksgiving mashed potatoes (my favorite food, his favorite holiday). Thus, when walking home from a massage treat to myself on my actual birthday and having already received my annual Nike birthday gift (sweatshirt and headbands, the romance!), I was thoroughly surprised to find him waiting in the apartment with white roses and his great grandmother’s ring. He had arranged for his Mom, Sue, and my parents, Mike and Lorraine, to come down to NYC for the birthday turned engagement festivities. [It was] fun for all!”

The boys played golf in the morning and were a wee bit late getting back, so I missed seeing them before the ceremony.  Instead, I headed over to Alyson’s cabin where she and her maid of honor extraordinaire, Lauren, were getting ready. They were so low-key, even as people slowly started to arrive and the energy built.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0001 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0002 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0003 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0004

After Alyson’s had donned her fabulous dress, I got a head start ahead of her to meet up with Kevin and set him up for the first look. Then, Lauren chauffeured Alyson to the first look in a golf cart, and Kevin got his first glimpse at his bride in motion.


We did some portraits around the Lodge, and Alyson & Kevin moved back inside to cool off as guests started to arrive.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0006 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0007 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0008


The ceremony site was striking. The Arbor was simply adorned with greenery and a few flowers, exactly what Alyson had pictured. Guests mingled and sipped lemonade and iced tea, and then took their seats as the ceremony was about to get underway.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0009 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0011 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0012 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0013

Alyson’s sister, Simone, officiated the wedding, and they kept it very personal with two readings by a close friend and Kevin’s Aunt.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0014 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0015 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0016 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0017 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0018

Alyson’s niece Meredith didn’t quite make it down the aisle, so she hung out at the back with her Dad.


Ceremonies always feel personal, but Alyson & Kevin had written their own vows, and in this case it was a real snapshot into them and their relationship. It was a really special moment and everyone was captivated by it, the vows were both funny and emotional in turn.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0020 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0021 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0022 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0023

Alyson tried to be quite stoic, but Kevin made her tear up at one point.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0024 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0025

Kevin’s mom, Sue, had the biggest smile on her face the whole day and just radiated happiness.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0026 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0027 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0028 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0029

After being pronounced Mr. & Mrs., they kicked off a casual cocktail hour. I headed over to the tent to get some detail photos and had a great vantage point across the harbor of the party in progress.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0030 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0031 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0032 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0033 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0034 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0035 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0036 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0037 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0038 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0039 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0040 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0041

After a few technical snafus with the IPhone playing their first dance song, the party got started in earnest.


The toasts were all delivered by family members and were so meaningful. Alyson’s Dad spoke first, followed by Kevin’s Mom, and then Alyson’s other sister, Lauren.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0043 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0044 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0045

Lauren’s speech was so hilarious, in addition to being personal and sweet. She delivered quite the roast including a shout out to one guest who had mistakenly written “Kevin & Lauren” on the wedding gift … Oops!

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0046 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0047

I love spotting quiet moments happening that most other people aren’t aware of – after an emotional toast by Kevin’s Mom I saw them embracing across the tent.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0048 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0049 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0050

It really was a perfect Vermont evening.


Midway through the reception, Kevin approached me and mentioned he would love to try and get everyone together for a group photo. One of the staff members at Basin Harbor kindly loaned me their golf cart and from on top of the cart’s roof I got this vantage point.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0052 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0053 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0054

Around sunset time, I stole Kevin & Alyson away for some additional portraits by the lake.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0055 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0057 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0058 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0059 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0060

This moment brought up memories of Kevin’s Dad.


After some Ben & Jerry’s, the party really got going!  I love when dancing circles form – I find there are always lots of great expressions and moments to capture.

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0062 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0063 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0064 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0065 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0066 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0067 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0068 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0069 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0070

Before the last song was played, Alyson & Kevin took the stage to thank everyone for coming, and to invite them to the after party at The Red Mill. And then it was time for the sparkler getaway. Thankfully people stood back, and the couple escaped unscathed!

wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0071 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0072 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0073 wedding-at-basin-harbor-club-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0074

Alyson & Kevin – What a wonderfully personal and low key day – I loved meeting both of you! Congratulations!


Venue :: Basin Harbor Club
Flowers :: New Leaf Organics
Band :: High Rollers
Alyson’s Dress :: Houghton Bride NYC
Hair & Makeup :: Indigo Salon


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