Wedding Fun

November 24, 2007

I guess it’s officially holiday time…or at least that’s what all the merchants would like us to think. We’ve been down in south eastern Pennsylvania since Wednesday night visiting my Dad. Thankfully we hit almost no traffic coming down so we’re going to employ a similar strategy and leave after dinner tonight. The first day we were here it was a balmy 72 degrees but the last two days have felt a bit more like fall. We’ve had a great time taking long walks, watching football, and helping my Dad (Mr. Green Thumb himself) out in the garden.

We’ve done a little bit of wedding planning but not as much as we thought we would. Jeff’s been reading the guidebook and starting to plan out an itinerary for our honeymoon and I did a little addressing of our save the dates – fun fun fun.

A friend forwarded this to me and it just cracked me up. Thankfully our invitation will not read like this but nevertheless I thought it was hilarious.

Have a great weekend!


that is too funny!!

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