Wedding Planning Weekend Re-Cap

January 14, 2008

Well this weekend was officially PRODUCTIVE in terms of wedding planning. It was a bit hectic at times but we made some major decisions (which of course lead to more small decisions…!!) and things are feeling very much on track.

One note to brides and grooms currently planning their weddings – hire vendors whose work you love and who you TRUST. It makes such a big difference to know that Jeff and I can tell our vendors roughly what we want and feel confident that they will take that and run with it to a successful conclusion without us micromanaging them every step of the way. Especially in our meeting with our florist and band leader – we gave them pretty wide parameters. Because we trust them and love their work we won’t stay up at night worrying whether they will do a good job – we know they will! Hire people you would like to be friends with – it will make the whole process run much more smoothly and will be much less stress for you both!

On Friday we began the day with our tasting at Let’s Pretend Catering and all I can say is YUM. Let’s Pretend is catering both our rehearsal dinner and wedding and we were able to finalize our menu with them – a huge check mark on the list since that means we can now determine exactly what back of house equipment (stoves, chafing dishes, etc.) we will need to rent. We have been working with Liane and she is just so kind and accommodating in every way. If you are getting married in Vermont I highly recommend working with them. We’ve been to five or six events with them and the food has always been delicious and beautifully displayed. Have no fear – everyone will be well fed!

That afternoon I had another dress fitting at Sewly Yours with Debbie. The dress is really starting to take shape and I can picture myself in it comfortably moving around. One thing I found with so many of the dresses I tried on was how many layers they had and how heavy they were – I was perspiring just standing in the store! My dress is made from silk broadcloth with a cotton lining and really feels like more of a sundress than a wedding gown – I know I will be comfortable all day and able to tear it up on the dance floor all night- something that was SO important to me. Debbie is also restoring the family veil that I will wear (more on that in another post) and it’s amazing how beautiful it looks with just a simple washing. My outfit is really coming together 🙂

Saturday morning we began our day with Kris at In Full Bloom in Shelburne. Of all the decisions we’ve had to make the flowers have been most difficult for us for some reason. Back in December when I was at the Grazier’s house attending Business Boot Camp with Liana Lehman I was looking through a sample album from one of their weddings this past year and FELL IN LOVE with the below images. Enna was kind enough to email them to me late last week so I was able to print them out and bring them to our meeting.

These next three images are copyright Grazier Photography – a huge THANK YOU to Enna for emailing them to me!!

These are the inspiration for our centerpieces (minus the purple). Kris will use these photos as a guide as to what approximately we want and as I mentioned above – she will use her expertise to provide us with the freshest most beautiful flowers depending on what is in season. I think one place people can go wrong with flowers is to decide that they absolutely can’t live without a certain color or type of flower. Flower quality is so dependent on the weather conditions that what if because of too much rain or too much sun when they were growing the flowers come in in bad condition? Now you either have to use poor quality flowers or TRUST your florist to decide what is best given the resources she is working with.

Have any of you seen THIS ARTICLE – wow is all I can say about that!!

Jeff and his groomsmen’s boutonnières will feature rosemary and also a sage leaf. We are choosing to not include the lighter green “dusty miller” filler. The wrap color will depend on what color ties the guys wear (we haven’t figured that out yet).

One thing I love about being a wedding photographer is keeping up with my friend’s blogs and finding ideas on them for my own wedding. Another tip to brides and grooms – cruise photographer’s blogs to get ideas…you’d be amazed at the cool details you can find!

After our meeting with Kris we headed over to Ink Ink to meet with Karla about our invitations and thank you notes. To be honest this is one of the areas where we were looking to save a bit. We knew we wanted the invitations to be elegant and classy but we weren’t willing to spend a fortune to get there. Karla was WONDERFUL to work with – showing us so many different options and really working with us to stick to our budget.

In the end we got a great deal since we ordered our thank you notes at the same time. The company we went with also had a deal with a free return address printed on the envelope- free is good 🙂 My Brother Jon did a watercolor for the front of our invitation so we were working with options that could incorporate that. We are thrilled with the results and once again – we had a general idea of what we wanted but really trusted Karla’s expertise in guiding us to what she thought was the best option.

If you’re still reading this you’re a real trooper 🙂

Next we headed to lunch with our Officiant – our close close friend Wendy. We knew right from the beginning that we really wanted to be married by someone who knows us well and not someone who we just met. We were thrilled when Wendy said yes and we’ve been so happy to see how much planning she’s putting into the ceremony. She is really putting a ton of effort into understanding exactly how we envision our ceremony, what we want it to reflect, what the message is, etc. – we can’t wait to live the results!

Ok – that ended our wedding meetings so we headed home to walk the pooches – Strider’s friend Brody came to visit for the weekend so they had fun exploring and sniffing together.

Sunsets in Vermont can be just breathtaking – the coolest part is you have to keep watching because they will totally change.

From this….

To this!

Thank you to all the awesome vendors we met with this weekend – we are so thrilled to be working with you!

Happy Monday 🙂


Wow! Your brother’s painting is BEAUTIFUL!!!
It’s all coming together…very exciting!!

here’s an idea: for your invitations just duplicate that massive photo of strider holding the date in his mouth!!!! (just kidding. but not really. just kidding. but seriously you should do it.)

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