Weekend at the Lake

August 14, 2008

So I am a little behind on some personal blogging so this is my attempt at catch up πŸ™‚

The weekend after our wedding we were at the lake with Jeff’s parents for the Annual Raft Race.

Giles & Cathy were nice enough to decorate the float for us and come up with a theme….Cloud 9 πŸ™‚

First off of course a picture of the pooch πŸ™‚

Aren’t we cute πŸ™‚ We’re on Cloud 9!!

We came in 2nd πŸ™‚ We started by paddling but it didn’t work so we both jumped in and swam the raft while Strider stayed above water πŸ™‚

The next weekend my side of the family was in town.

Jon tried to get Strider to jump in after his reflection πŸ™‚

Who is that handsome dog??!!

More to come….

E. Broderick Photography

Wow! Looks like you all some good times! I would have loved to see you two swimming alongside the raft while Strider supervised!

ahhh love that raft!! you guys are so cute!

Aimee Thomas Oswalt

I love the cloud 9, Awesome!

Robin Dini Photography

cloud 9! too freakin’ cute!

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