Weekend at the Lake

May 11, 2008

We had a lovely quiet time at the lake with some college friends this weekend. On Saturday we went for a three hour walk and then took some time to do yardwork – mowing, weeding, and general spring cleaning – the yard looks a lot better for it!

Strider and I hung out on the dock waiting for Jeff and his friends to come back from a late afternoon kayak

Dad come closer so I can say hello!

You gotta do what you gotta do……

Wow that was tiring – can I have a ride?


What are you looking at?

We’ve gotta go – they’re getting away.

But I think I’ll go on your boat. Thanks, Dad.

Alright fine I’ll go by myself.

Here I come!



A beautiful end to a fun day.

Now we’re visiting my Dad down in Pennsylvania – we’ll be here until Thursday with a day trip to DC on Tuesday for an engagement session and a visit with Jessica Del Vecchio!


ohhhh my gosh these pictures are amazing!!! You have such a talent I love looking at your pictures!

your captions kill me, as usual!

miss you girlie!

E. Broderick Photography

What fun! This was like a great book! Strider is a cutie. I love the “ya gotta do what ya gotta do” and the “pleeeeez” shots. And the last one of Strider swimming alongside the kayak–black and white. Gorgeous.

Salty Grapes Photography

I’m so unbelievably smitten with Strider. Head over heels. He is just GORGEOUS. I want to gobble him up. =) The “pleeeeeeeeze?” shot is killing me… I need to meet him someday and smooch him in person.

I love every single shot!

Love the doggie in the water pictures! You got so many great angles, and love in and out of the kayak! So fun! He must have been in heaven!!!!

I just love the pleeeeeeeze photo. fun post, amanda!

Have a great time in d.c., it will be the perfect place for an engagement session. endless possibilities!


Robin Dini Photography

STRIDER!!! i love this dog!

Strider… you are one of a kind for sure. Love the story! 🙂
My Pups are SO jealous!

Jessica Del Vecchio

Looks like a fun day!

I love reading your blog- it’s like a chapter to a really nice book each time I log on. And gosh, I love that dog of yours! Strider is such a star! Reminds me of “Marley and Me” every time I see his adorable mug!

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