Weekend Re-Cap

February 25, 2008

This past weekend Jeff and I do something we hardly ever do….we stayed home! Don’t get me wrong we love going here there and everywhere visiting friends, family, and going to the lake, but there is something about just being at home with free days and extra time – beautiful.

Friday was so snowy that we canceled our plans to go to the movies and instead curled up on the couch and ordered pay per view. We watched “The Kingdom” and really enjoyed it.

Saturday we slept late and then went to Crate and Barrel to register in the afternoon. We’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but were never quite in the mood for it. We also went back and forth about what we needed and where we actually wanted to register. The scanner gun isn’t quite as addictive as I thought it would be and because we cook a lot we had a strong sense of what we did (and absolutely did not!) need. We scanned a few things on impulse but mostly we stuck to our plan and are really psyched at the list we ended up with.

One thing we’ve been looking into is registries that allow you to register with a number of different stores. There are a few stores where we like/need one or two things but we don’t really want to start a registry and only have three or four items on it. The ones we checked out just seem to be a little clunky on the back end and not that well designed on the front end. Does anyone have any suggestions of sites they’ve used and loved?

Last night we had an early dinner at Bertucci’s to beat the crowds (can their bread BE any more delicious?) and then went out and saw Vantage Point which was another great movie. We hardly ever watch movies so two in one weekend was a treat πŸ™‚

This morning we slept in again and then took a walk with the pooches before grocery shopping, cleaning, you know – all the fun stuff that always gets left for Sundays πŸ™‚

All Strider wants to do is play and I am making him sit and pose

These are fun – Jeff was my assistant and in the first frame you can see the tiny dot of Brody (Strider’s friend who was sleeping over for the weekend) in the background…he was uninterested in this exercise πŸ™‚ I like how in the second frame the lens flare could be mistaken for the snowball just to the right of it.

Come get me lady.

Brody cooling off

Can I get up now??? PLEASE???!!!

I’m off to go start a new book – I finished “Stealing Horses” last night. It was good but not great – I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. There is nothing like ending the day curled up in bed with Strider and a good book – I LOVE it!

Hope everyone has a great week.

Take care!


With regard to your registry question:

Have you signed up for You can list multiple registry links and set up your wedding page. It’s a little clunky, but probably manageable for most guests.


These pictures are just making me want a Lab more and more.

Robin Dini Photography

We registered with Pampered Chef. I had gone to a party and saw so many things that I wanted to buy that I just asked about registries and they set us up. I like to bake and Frank cooks so we got some nifty items.

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