Yellow Labs at the Lake!

March 10, 2011

We were up at the lake a few weeks ago enjoying a quiet weekend 🙂

The dogs passed out – I think they see the lake as a place to relax too!

It had snowed overnight and the sun was out so everything was sparkling and beautiful

Snow clung to all the branches and it was a winter wonderland 🙂

We had my friend’s dog Rupert for the week and he and Sage enjoyed chasing each other around. I figured a ten year old dog wouldn’t be too active but Rupert took a special shine to Sage if you catch my drift 🙂

Run away!!!


Can you believe this house? We’ve been walking by it all winter and I finally remembered to take a picture…now THAT is ice!

Sage didn’t want to come in but she eventually relented and we enjoyed an afternoon in front of the woodstove!

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