Yellow Labs in the Snow!

March 7, 2011

A few weeks ago after a few days of snow we all had major cabin fever…time for a big walk! I pulled my snow gear on and grabbed the doggies who were only too happy to run around off leash and explore.
Sometimes you just have to stick your head in a hole πŸ™‚

The snow was up to Strider’s chest so he mostly walked in my footprints….made me do all the work!

And……….WHAM πŸ™‚

My little dog πŸ™‚

Beautiful snowy scene

Strider loves chewing on snowballs πŸ™‚

I posted my favorite photo that day but rest assured there were more where that came from πŸ™‚

I had a blast throwing snowballs up in the air and trying to capture the dogs catching them πŸ™‚

Nice extension!

Sage became interested after a few throws

Going the other way!

Trying to catch one of her own πŸ™‚

It was hard to keep them far enough from me to get a clear shot

Strider have you no modesty??!!

After throwing snowballs for awhile they got back to an old favorite – wrestling and looking vicious πŸ™‚

The lesson? When life gives you snow…..make snowballs πŸ™‚
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