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June 24, 2008

Last week while I was up in Vermont I shot some photos for my good friend and yoga teacher Heidi. Heidi’s website launched a few weeks ago and she wanted to get some updated shots of her doing yogic poses and also get an updated headshot.

We met before her morning class and headed outside to capture her in the sunlight on the land around All Souls Interfaith Gathering – where she teaches one of her classes.

Next to Lake Champlain (and trying to avoid poison ivy!)

She realized how hard it is to find your center when the ground is uneven!

I love this one – I couldn’t even begin to get into that position!

Heidi is also teaching a yoga class for me and some friends on the morning of our wedding. I think it will be a great opportunity to take a breath, collect my thoughts, and just start the day positively – I can’t wait!

If you are interested in yoga with Heidi CONTACT HER for more info.

Thanks Heidi!


Jo - Allegro Photography

These are so fabulous; I love the yoga in the field concept- feels just right.

E. Broderick Photography

Gorgeous shots! What neat idea to start off your wedding day with yoga. You will be the most serene bride!

she is RIPPED

beautiful shots

Orchard Cove Photography

For sure – whoever said you can’t get buff with yoga hasn’t met Heidi – she rocks!

nikki nicole photography

that last shot is killer….

and do you see all her muscles wow!!!

these are all great, amanda, but that last one is AMAZING!

can’t wait to see you SOON!

What a neat idea for her website! I just love the last photo. It looks like she is floating! Great depth of field!

david & kimi baxter

ho-lee smokes that hurt me just lookin at that!

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