You have to laugh…..

February 6, 2009

Well you can see the results of my beautiful first baby cap…..yes it looks like a mitten 🙂 I wanted to balance it on Strider’s head but it was so tall it kept falling over so instead he got a little something for his paw. Apparently I thought I was knitting a cap for the Coneheads…

Turns out CO means cast on as in knit 5 inches from cast on. I didn’t have a ruler so just kept knitting (like Forrest Gump!)

I’m back on track now with my second cap and think that I will save this one and smile every time I see it!

But how about that scarf???!!! That was my first project.

Mom – what is this thing? Get it off!

No really….I’m not kidding. Give me a treat or SOMETHING!

Robin Dini Photography

did you use one of those round needles? I have to get into the hat patterns. I have one but don’t know how to read the directions. LOL. I need to get some Dini Beanies in production!

make him another and he’ll have a set! The poor dog will be draped with all of you knotting errors!!!

Candice @ Jubilee Events

He is so darn cute! I am hoping to absorb some of your knitting skills for Robin’s upcoming knit-a-thon. I have never knitted, but any excuse to put work down and do something else I am all for! Plus I hear it can involve wine, which one can never have enough of!

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